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The cold weather that has much of the United States in its grip is about to send temperatures plunging to astonishing lows. The Midwest is expected to drop to as low as 30 degrees below zero on Sunday. The NFL game scheduled Sunday in Green Bay, Wisconsin is sure to be a history-making one as temperatures there will be bone-chilling cold with wind gusts, making it feeling even colder.

The -30 degree temperatures in the Midwest are certainly brutal enough. However, to add insult to injury, the National Weather Service is warning that the wind chill in the Midwest could dip to -50 and that there is a very high chance of heavy snowfall possible over the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley on Sunday. Much of the Midwest including the Detroit area already has several inches of snow on the ground so more is not something most Midwesterners look forward to as it means the shovels will have to come out once again to clear sidewalks and driveways.

The bitterly cold temperatures that are blowing into the Midwest are very likely to set new records, keep kids out of school, close airports and endanger the lives of those who venture outdoors without adequate protection. The very cold temperatures will arrive on Sunday and last into the first part of the new work week. Minnesota has already called off school for the entire state on Monday due to the cold. This is the first time this has been done in 17 years. Milwaukee and Madison in Wisconsin have followed suit and it’s expected that more cities in the region will do the same over the next couple of days.

The snowfall that is coming to the Midwest won’t do any favors as far as raising temperatures are concerned because it will reduce the sun’s heating effect. This will result in lows that plummet quickly due to strong winds blowing from the northwest.

The cold temperatures that will grip the Midwest, Plains and Northeast will be the coldest arctic outbreak since the 1990s. The daytime high temperatures Sunday will remain below zero from the eastern portion of Montana to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The subzero cold will continue into Monday when relentless northwest winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour will make conditions dangerous and unbearable as wind chills will plunge into the minus 50s and 60s. This is when any exposed skin on the body can suffer frostbite in as little as just five minutes so people are being warned to proceed outdoors with extreme caution if they need to be out at all.

Record Cold Temperatures Grip Midwest
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